PVC foam board is made of PVC, for it's a good capability of waterproof, fire resistance and bear acid and alkali, PVC foam board is widely used in advertising silk-screen and architecture decorative. It can be made in various colors(1mm), and  PVC foam board has a special advantage in inviolateness and uniformity thickness, it's an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor advertising.

1)Resistant to chemicals and corrosion
2)Homogeneous, glossy and smooth surface
3) Good deep-drawing qualities
4)Good for foiling
5)Easy workability
6)Low flammability
7) Impact-resistant or increased impact resistance
8)Weather resistantIt

1. Advertising Industry: carving, signs, billboard, poster, logo, exhibition display, Silk screen printing, UV flat bed printing, digital direct printing, and coating   

2. Building and decoration: Office and house clapboard, ceiling; also for bus, train, ship inner decoration; kitchen and bath cabinet etc furniture.

 3.Industrial usage: photo album, chemical anti-corrosion project, cold storage, special cold isolating project, environmental protection, sports equipment, cultivation, coastal moisture-proof equipment, water-resistant materials, art material 

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